Challenge Accepted – Escape Room in Krakow

Challenge Accepted is an escape room game in Krakow. You are locked in a room for 50 minutes and have to solve clues to escape. If you have ever seen the UK show “Crystal Maze” that might give you a rough idea of what to do.

“Real life escape game is type of logical game for teams of 2-4 people. After entering the room you have 50 minutes to find the way out of the room. In order to do so you have to find hidden clues and solve a bunch of puzzles. “

There are two rooms:

Post Apocalyptic themed room

Challenge Accepted Post-Apocalyptic-1 Krakow escape room challenge accepted
(Photos blurred out to hide any clues and faces)

This is the first room that we did, and it was quite a challenge. We did have to resort to asking for a hint or two – but it was a lot of fun. The room isn’t massive, but there are plenty of clues to solve within the 50 minutes

School room themed room

The next room that we solved (the next day) was the school room themed one. The challenges to solve required the same sort of think process, but they were completely different challenges. We struggled with this room (4 of us in there), but with a few more hints (you can knock on the door for a hint) we finally got the code to unlock the door!

Challenge Accepted School Room Escape Room

We didn’t take many photos in here that do not give away many clues. But it was a lot of fun.

Final review of Challenge Accepted Escape Room

We loved it, and have recommended friends go to them. Out of the two rooms we preferred the first one (Post Apocalyptic themed one), but either of them are good.

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Map of Location: