Clubbing and Partying in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is well known for its great nightlife. It has lots of great pubs and clubs, and it is apparently why 56% of tourists aged 18-25 come to Krakow – to party!

Want to find out where to drink before heading to the clubs? Read our guide to the best bars in Krakow!

There are plenty of night clubs (probably too many to mention here) in Krakow, and even in the middle of the week they are busy. You might struggle to find a packed place on a Sunday or Monday night, but the rest of the week there is always something going on.

The main area for clubs is definitely in the Old Town area. There are several clubs on Szewska street (the street with both McDonalds and Subway), and also on or nearby Floriańska Street (the other street with McDonalds, closer to St. Marys church).

There are a couple of clubs in Kazimierz and elsewhere in the city – see the bottom of this page for details on them, but for now check out the top ones in the Old Town Area!

The Best Clubs in Krakow (Old Town)

Frantic (5 Szewska street)

Frantic club krakowFrantic is always busy and lives up to its name of being Frantic. It is open Wednesday – Saturday night (Opening at 10.30 every night apart from Friday, when it opens at 10.45). It closes at around 5am, but after 3am it starts to die down a bit. It has three bars, two dance floors and a chill out room. Up to around 500 clubbers are in there at any one time. Check it out! See more details here

Shakers (5 Swewska Street)

Shakers Club KrakowRight next door to Frantic is Shakers, another club that is worth visiting.

It has been open for over 6 years now and is a staple part of Krakow’s nightlife. See more details here

Klub Coco (38 Szpitalna street)

Club CocoCoco is a trendy bar (a bit more upmarket than Frantic or Shakers) that seems to sometimes attract a higher proportion of foreigners than the previously mentioned bars. There are plenty of pretty girls here, and the dance floor always has a good amount of people dancing their moves there. It is a 2 minute walk from St. Florian’s Gate at the end of Floriańska Street. See more details here

Prozak 2.0 (6 pl. Dominikański)

Prozak krakowProzak used to have a bad reputation but since its relaunch (hence the ‘2.0’) it has become very popular. There are two floors – the top floor tends to play chart stuff, and more techno/house music downstairs See more details here

Best Nightclubs in Kazimierz

Taawa (18 Estery street)

Taawa ClubTaawa is one one of the corners of Plac Nowy in Kazimierz, and is one of the few nightclubs in the area. It is only open on Friday and Saturday nights (opens at 9pm, open until around 5am). It is a classy club and they will refuse entry if you are not dressed smart enough. See more details here

Other Great Clubs (Other areas that are a short (under 15 minutes) taxi journey away)

Fabryka Club (23 Zabłocie)

Fabryka PicFabryka is a bit further out of town, but often hosts well known bands and artists. They play a lot of metal music, but also put on a fair amount of electronic dance music events (including drum and bass). Check their website to find out what is going on. See more details here

Photo Credit: Frantic Club Facebook page