Do a Day Trip From Krakow To Wrocław

Wrocław (pronounced like vro-swavh) is a city about 260km north of Krakow, and using Polskibus it takes about 3 hours each way. The city is similar to Krakow (has the same look and feel, and has a big main square), and is definitely worth visiting if you are in Krakow for more than a few days.

It is a pretty city (like Krakow), with a fair few things to do, but it is definitely not as touristy as Krakow.

Some of the highlights in Wroclaw include:

  • The Zoo (very decent zoo, with cheap admission price) – although there is also a Zoo in Krakow.
  • The fountains (very close to the Zoo)
  • Pubs, restaurants etc

It is worth visiting either for day (leave Krakow early in the morning, then return in the evening), or for a one night city break.

Wrocław Photo

Main square in Wrocław, Poland