Day Trips in Krakow

Krakow is a fun city, but you might want to get out of the city and do some day trips.

Here are our top recommendations:

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

AuschwitzA day trip to Auschwitz is highly recommended – it will be a sad day, but it is full of history. The Auschwitz concentration camp was set up by the Nazis in WWII about an hour away from Krakow. There are many tour guides that can take you from town (or you can make your own way there on a train). See more details here

The Salt Mines

Krakow Salt MineThe salt mines in the town of Wieliczka are around 40 minutes driving distance from the city center. They give an enjoyable and impressive tour around the salt mines that have been in use for hundreds of years. Some of the rooms (with everything constructed out of salt) are fantastic to look at. See more details here


ZakopaneZakoapane is a really nice mountain village, covered in snow (in Winter). It is about 2 hours away by coach (there are also tour guides that can pick you up and drop you off, but they are much more expensive). Find out more here


WroclawThe city of Wroclaw is around 3hrs away on coach. It looks and feels very similar to Krakow, and is a pleasant place to go for a day. If you are in Krakow for a week or more, we recommend that you think about making the trip to Wroclaw. See details here