Krakow Airport – How To Get Between Krakow City Center from the Airport

The main Krakow Airport is around 11km from the main Krakow city center.

There are a couple of ways to get to the city center:

Bus from Airport to city center

There are busses that run quite regularly. All the busses in Krakow run on the same system – you buy a ticket (that lasts a certain number of minutes), and you stamp it when you get on the bus. You will need a single ticket (4 PLN, under £1/$2/€1.50). Remember to stamp/validate your ticket in the machines on the bus. See our guide on how to use busses here.

The bus takes around 30-35 minutes.

There is a ticket machine outside the airport (actually – walk out of the airport and go right).

There are two bus routes during the day 208 (hourly) and 292 (every 20 minutes), and one night bus (number 902).

Here are the links for the timetable (links correct as of July 2014, please check for most recent versions) –

It is quicker to get a train or taxi though.

Train from Airport to the main Krakow train station

The train did used to cost  12PLN (£2, under $5/€3). But apparently it isn’t in service for a while (see here).

Airport Taxis

A taxi (from outside the airport) to the city center will cost at least 60-70 PLN (approx £12/$20/€15). There is only one company that will be waiting to pick up customers (“Krakow Airport Taxi”). They are very nice cars (we have had a Jaguar before) but they are at least double what it would be if you call up another company.

A taxi ordered from the city center (we ordered one with Mega Taxi) cost about 30 PLN (£6/$10/€8). See their website / phone number here. You may have to wait 10 minutes, but it gives you time to have a cigarette etc. Be sure to know if you are at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 at the airport. See other Krakow taxi company numbers here.

For the return trip (from city center to the airport) we recommend asking your hotel/hostel/etc to book a taxi the night before from Mega Taxi, iCar or one of the other companies listed on this page. Other companies may be more expensive. You can never be too sure if they understood ‘4am’ or ‘4pm’.

Don’t expect your taxi driver to speak great English – so have a written road name/hotel name and show him it.

If you are at Terminal 1 you should see the non black taxis pulling up and waiting in the road ahead of the entrance. (The “Krakow Airport Taxi” company is the only company that can wait directly outside the terminal doors). It should make sense when you see it!

If you are at Terminal 2 you will see taxis outside the terminal. They have to pay 5zl if they are waiting for more than 5 minutes.