Krakow Bus and Train Station – A Guide For Tourists So You Don’t Get Confused! (Even if you don’t speak Polish!)

Both the bus/coach station and train station are very close to the city center. In this guide we explain how to get to/from the main market square (which is the city center) to both the bus/coach station (directly below) and train station (at bottom of this page).

We also have a map at the bottom of the page to help with the directions.

The Bus/coach Station (“MDA”)

General Information about the bus/coach station

Krakow has one main bus station (and also many bus/tram stops dotted around the city) which is known as “MDA”. It used to be known as the “RDA”.

It is a little awkward to find, but once there it is quite tourist friendly. There are normally staff that can speak English and help you get the right coach/bus.

If you are getting a domestic (within Poland) coach then you will see the coach and its bay on the main board of departing busses. But if you are getting an international coach (to another country) then it will not be listed. It is best to ask someone where you coach will be leaving from.

The MDA building is very close to the train station, and also very close to the main shopping mall of the city center of Krakow.

How to get from the main market square to the coach station

Firstly follow the instructions below from the main market square to the train station.

Assuming you are there when the Galaria Krakowska mall is open, then:

  • When you are facing the train station, turn left and you will see “Galeria Krakowska” (see a photo of it below). Go inside the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall.
  • Once inside keep to the left and walk straight along to the end. See a rough map here (start at the Entrance, and walk until you see the final set of escalators)
  • Once at the end, go down the escalators. You should be on the bottom floor now.
  • You should see a “Saturn” (electronics store) on your left, and if you walk straight ahead (don’t turn after getting to the bottom of the escalators) you should pass a McDonalds. Go past it, and walk straight to the end. You will walk past a small super market, a pharmacy and a few other small shops. When you get to the end you will make a slight turn to the left. Go out the doors to the outside. Walk straight ahead and you should see some steps with escalators on their left side. Go up these stairs/escalators. On your right is the MDA (bus/coach station)

If you are there and the mall is closed:

It is slightly more complicated to explain (and takes a minute longer to walk), but you can get to the bus station easily enough.

  • Face the train station, with the andel’s hotel behind you. Walk forward and turn left (so you are walking in the gap between the Mall and the train station).
  • Once you turn left, you will immediately make a right, then immediately make a left again. You will see it looks a bit like a train station platform area. Just keep walking straight and go down the slope.
  • At the end of the slope turn right (turning left would take you to the mall). Walk to the very end.
  • You should now be in the underground area for the train platforms. When you walk to the end go up the stairs. You should see some small shops outside (small convenience stores/hot dog places etc). If you walk straight (past these shops) then turn left a bit further up you will see the big black MDA building.

The Train Station

The train station in Krakow is probably the first thing of Krakow that most tourists will see. It is a 5-10 minute walk to the main square of Krakow, and is clearly sign posted. But here are the directions…

How to get from the train station to the main market square

It is very simple to walk to the main market square from the train station.

  • Exit the train station. You should see the train station behind you, and the Galeria Krakowska building (see pic below) on your right.
    • (If you have exited the train station and have ended up in the shopping mall, find H&M (on the middle floor), which is near Peek & Cloppenburg, and exit by the main doors by H&M on the middle floor – you will then see the train station on your left
  • You should see the following on your right (if you exited the train station)Galeria Krakowska
  • Walk away from the train station, towards the ‘andel’s Hotel’. When you get close to the andel’s Hotel turn left and go down the slope
  • When you are in the slope keep to the right and keep walking past the shops until the underground part ends. Then walk kind of straight, but up the slope. It is a slight turn to the right, but basically going straight ahead, up the slope. You will often see a begger or two, or people selling flowers/bread. Walk past the big map of Krakow (or check it out if you want!) [you will be at the point marked ‘4’ in the image at the bottom of this page]
  • Once you get to the bit of path that is a circle [see the point marked ‘3’ in the image below] keep walking around it, cross the street and you will get to The Barbican – it will look like this:



  • [You should be at the point marked ‘3’ on the image below]
  • Turn right (towards the wall), under the (very very small) tunnel. You are now going under St. Florians Gate, and once through it you will see a Coffee heaven on your left (and McDonalds just past that).
  • Walk straight down Floriańska street (ul. floriańska), keep going straight ahead. You should be seeing something like this:


  • That big building is St. Marys Chuch. Walk to that and you are in the main square!

How to get from the main market square to the train station

Getting from the main market square to the train station is easy.

  • Start off in front of the St Marys Church (near to the Hard Rock Cafe) [marked as ‘1’ in the image below]
  • Walk up Floriańska street (ul. floriańska), past McDonalds [marked as ‘2’ in the image below], through St. Florians Gate until you get to the Barbican [marked as ‘3’ in the image below]
  • You should now be in the ‘Planty Park’. Turn right on the path until you get to a big circle. Carry on going around it and you will see the path starts to slope downwards. Go down this slope into the underground [marked as ‘4’ on the image below]
  • Keep walking but keep to the left [this is not shown on the map]. Go up the slope on the left. When you are at the top of the slope if you look to the right you will see the train station. (as you want towards it you will see the Galeria Krakowska mall too)

Please click on the image below to view it at full size.

Main Square to Train stations instructions