Tourist Guide: How To Use Krakow Bus and Trams (how to buy tickets and avoid getting a fine!)

Krakow has a fantastic system of trams and busses but for a tourist they can sometimes be a little confusing.

Getting Your Tickets


  • Work out how long your journey should be. If it is under 20 minutes you will want the 20 minute ticket. Under 40? Get the 40 minute ticket (which costs 3.80 zlotty). Otherwise get the 60 minute ticket (and buy another one if you end up traveling for more than an hour…)
  • Once stamped (validated) you can get off that bus/tram and get on another one, as long as the time does not expire.
  • If this is not possible you should try and find a machine on the bus/tram. If there isn’t one (rare, but some busses don’t have the machines) you will have to buy a 60 minute ticket from the driver
  • Once you are on and have your ticket remember to validate it! There are machines dotted around the tram/bus carriage that will time stamp your ticket. If you fail to do this you might get a fine…