Krakow “Escape Rooms” – The Best Escape Games in Krakow Reviewed

Krakow has several ‘Escape Rooms’ (and more seem to be opening every few months).

What is an ‘Escape Room’?

Basically you and up to 4 or 5 of your friends are locked in a room for one hour and have to work out how to unlock the door. You might have to solve puzzles, find hidden keys (or even hidden rooms!), find out lock combinations etc. They are a lot of fun, and always quite hard to do. But still, the fun is in the challenge!

[More info about what are escape rooms can be found here]

They typically cost 80-100zl. If you are lucky you might be able to get a Groupon for a discount. A company often has more than one room, and often if you do more than one room you can get a discount. But it varies for each one.

They generally won’t tell you much about the room before you go in, and most ask that photos not be shown to people – this is only to keep it more of a mystery so it is more of a challenge. It wouldn’t be hard or enjoyable if everyone knew that to escape you had to put X in Y and enter code XXXX…

The Krakow Escape Rooms

Challenge Accepted (4/6 Wiślna street – in old town)

Challenge Accepted Escape Room Game in Krakow PolandChallenge Accepted are set in the heart of the Old Town area. They have two rooms (a postapocaliptic themed room and a school room one). We (at Guide to Krakow) have tried both rooms and they get top marks from us. Very enjoyable, with the right level of difficulty. See full details here

Let Me Out (Building 6, apartment number 4 on Józefa Szujskiego street)

Let Me Out Escape Room KrakowLet Me Out is another one that we have reviewed. The games here are a bit shorter (45 minutes), and cost 99zl per group (of 2-4 people). There are two rooms to pick from. The room that we tried out was very cool (with a nice hidden mystery), and the challenge was generally well designed. See full details here

Locked Up (16 Skawińska street, in Kazimierz)

Locked Up Real Life Escape Room KrakowWe have not tried out Locked Up but have heard good things about it. There are three rooms to try out. See details here

Project Escape

Project Escape KrakowWe also have not tried Project Escape. It is 10-15 minute walk from the main square
See details here

TRAP (19 Sw. Gertrudy Street)

Trap Team RaceAgain we have not tried our TRAP yet! See details here

Combinator Krakow (Building 7, apartment number 1 on Stanisława Staszica street)

Combinator KrakowThis is another one we have not reviewed yet! See details here

Have we missed one?

Get in touch with our contact page and we will add it! There are also escape rooms in Krakow here.