Cool Gaming Pub in Krakow – Cybermachina has Xboxes, Nintendo Wiis and games like FIFA

Cybermachina (Krakow’s Gaming Pub) is a cool little underground pub that is built for video gamers to go and have a beer and play some Xbox or Wii. The whole place is themed with various video game things (although mostly Mario themed).


They serve beer from Czech Republic on tap, but also have a range of other imported bottles of beer. The beers (or Coke/Fantas) were 5zl each when we went in.

Fifa in Krakow gaming pub

They have a range of Xboxes, Nintendo Wiis etc. – including Fifa 14 (above), and Rock Band on the Wii (with what seems to be the full instrument set up).


They have lots of things hanging up (or on the walls), mostly themed from Mario (see photos above, and the photos below which can be found in the toilets – Mario in the mens, Peach in the womens).


The biggest problem? The consoles are (obviously) set to Polish, so navigating the video game menus is a challenge. But the staff were helpful and don’t seem to mind changing settings or translating the odd thing.