Krakow in 4 or 5 Days Itinerary

If you are in Krakow for 4 or 5 days you can fit even more things in than our 3 day itinerary lists.

Day 1 – Explore Krakow

We recommend you go and explore the city center (Old Town and Kazimierz) – follow our ‘1 day in Krakow’ itinerary. This lets you see the majority of the main tourist sights in the city center, including the Market Square and Castle.

Day 2 – Check out the mountains

Zakopane isn’t technically in Krakow. In fact it is two hours away. But it is a really nice mountain town about 2 hours away. It is easy and cheap to get to and the views make the two hour bus journey worth it. You can easily leave at 9am, leave at 5pm, back by 7pm and have the evening free to explore Krakow’s nighttime. See details on Zakopane and how to get there here.

Day 3 – Auschwitz and the Salt Mines

These two are some of the most popular tourist attractions for people who come to Krakow. When you walk around the Old Town area you will probably see lots of companies offering Auschwitz and the Salt Mine Tours. Find one and do a combined tour (or you can get there yourself, but if doing both in one day it is easier to just use a tour company). See details on Auschwitz here and details on the salt mines here.

Day 4 – See some communism era history at Nowa Huta

There are many tour guide companies offering informative and interesting tours of “Nowa Huta”, the mini city built by the Soviets in the 60s has a very different look and feel to anything you will see in the city center. In the evening have some Polish Pierogi. You will be able to find them in many restaurants in the Old Town area

Day 5 – Want something a bit more exciting?

  • Go shoot some guns – including AK47s!
  • Or go White Water Rafting

And if you have some spare time after that you could go Bungee Jumping!