Krakow Suggest Itineraries – Select How Many Days You Are Here For or What You Want To Do

There are many things to do in Krakow, so we have come up with a few sample travel itineraries for Krakow depending on how many days you are here or what you want to do. Please check out our guides below!

We recommend you use the ‘By Number Of Days’ as a basis, then mix and match some activities from the ‘By Activity Type’ depending on what you enjoy doing.

By Activity Type

Sight Seeing in Krakow

Barbcian-KrakowWant to see all the tourist attractions? This is the guide for you! See Sight Seeing in Krakow Itinerary

Stag Party in Krakow

Beers in Krakow on Stag PartyCheck out the exciting and fun activities you can do on a stag do/bachelor party in Krakow See Stag Do in Krakow Itinerary

By Number Of Days in Krakow

Krakow in 1 Day

Krakow City CenterShort on time in Krakow? This itinerary will let you see the main spots in Krakow and not waste much time on transport or travel. See 1 Day Krakow Itinerary

Krakow in 3 Days

Krakow Cloth HallGot a few more days? We have a few more things you can do, and at a more relaxed speed. See 3 Day Krakow Itinerary

Krakow in 5 Days

AuschwitzAt 5 days you can really start to see everything in Krakow, and a few things just outside of Krakow See 5 Day Krakow Itinerary

Krakow in 7 Days

ZakopaneIf you are in Krakow for a week then you can really start to explore Krakow and nearby attractions. See 7 Day Krakow Itinerary