Krakow Zoo – A Full Guide (And How To Get There For Tourists)

One of the best things to do (if you are into animals) is check out the Krakow Zoo. But weirdly enough it is not popular with tourists at all.


Why You Should Check Out Krakow Zoo

  • It is cheap! Two adults came to about £7… so about £3.50 per person. If you are a student it is even cheaper. Don’t let the price make you think it is small. It is a medium-big sized zoo.
  • It is easy to get to. A taxi should be 30-40zl (with Mega Taxi, anyway), or a bus will be 3.80zl each way.


  • Lots of animals – Lions, Tigers, Meerkats, Elephants, Monkeys (all kinds), a mini aquarium and many more.
  • Nice surroundings – it is set in a woods and just has a nice feel to the whole place


Krakow Zoo

Meerkats at Krakow Zoo