Lost Souls Alley Review – Scariest (and most fun) Haunted House You Will Ever Go In

Lost Souls Alley is a new attraction in Krakow – and it isn’t for the fainthearted! Here is our review of it (hint: we recommend it!)

It will make you jump and make your heart beat a lot faster. But you’ll come out wishing you could do it again. Either that, or you shouted ‘LET ME OUT’ and you were led out while you almost lost some body fluids.


You are given a torch (one per group). You are then basically told to keep walking forward, and sometimes you have to work out how to get out of a room (mostly that means just finding a key or code). The challenge isn’t so much escaping (for that you should try some of the escape rooms in Krakow). But it is set up to make you jump and scared.

(As a side note – we actually didn’t manage to work out the code to get out of a room. They eventually gave a note through the door to give a hint).

We won’t ruin things, but the scariest room (by far) was actually a room with no people (actors) in it. It is very well set up.

Things will pop up, jump out and make you jump. Sometimes people (actors) dressed up as something that could be from any 90s horror will chase you – but they never touch you (or even get too close). But trust me, even knowing that it is completely safe you will push your friends into the next door so you get out quick!

We really recommend it here at Guide to Krakow. We won’t go into any detail of what you will find in the rooms (that is part of the fun), but all we will say it is scary but at no point did we actually think about shouting “GET ME OUT OF HERE”. But apparently a fair few people do.


Their rules allow 14 years and up – we think that might be a bit too young (this is scarier than a film rated 18…). But whatever, its a lot of fun and over in 15 minutes or so.


PS – no photos are allowed inside, so that is why we have only two photos… and a ticket they give you when you complete it.


Update – here is a video (from their facebook) which shows some nightvision CCTV footage.

Map of Location: