Pijalnia Bar in Old Town and Plac Nowy, Kazimierz

Kazimerz has many bars, but any of the three Pijalnia bars in Krakow are always busy. It is a communism themed bar, which means cheap (but simple) alcohol, cheap and basic soviet inspired snacks, and the walls covered in communism era memorabilia.

There are three Pijalnia bars in Krakow:

  • ul. Św. Jana 3-5 (old town)
  • ul. Szewska 20 (old town)
  • Plac Nowy 7 (Kazimierz)


All drinks are 4zl, and that includes beers, shots, and, well that is all.

Don’t expect them to offer you a range of beers (they just have one – Warka). But its cheap and nice, and has a decent atmosphere. Very busy on Friday/Saturday nights.



Map of All Locations: