Shopping in Krakow – Where to do it!

Krakow is an old and historic city – but it has plenty of places for you to do some shopping.

Poland in general is full of shopping malls (this page counts at least 12) – but the majority of them are a bit awkward for a tourist to get to on public transport. But there are two main shopping malls that are within walking distance of the main tourist areas – Galeria Krakowska by the train station in Old Town and Galeria Kazimierz in the Kazimierz area).  See our first section below for an overview of Shopping Malls.

If you want to buy some touristy souvenirs then the best place is either the Cloth Hall  or Floriańska Street, both in/near the main Market Square. See our section below for guide on buying tourist souvenirs.

Buying Alcohol is easy – there are many places to do it! see our Buying Alcohol section below.

Need to get some food, toiletries or groceries? See our guide at the bottom of this page for food, groceries and toiletries!

Shopping Malls

There are plenty of malls in the area of Krakow, but only two are easy to get to. If you need things like electronics, clothes etc you will generally have to go to a mall.

Galeria Krakowska (near train station)

One of the best is a 5-10 minute walk from Market Square, right next to the bus station. It is called Galeria Krakowska. For electronics they have a few smaller shops and a huge Saturn store.
See full details here

Galeria Kazimierz

The other shopping mall within walking distance is Galeria Kazimierz.

Tourist Souvenirs

Floriańska Street (Old town)

Floriańska Street is by the main market square (just next to the St. Marys Church). It is the main tourist street, full of small shops selling Krakow magnets, tshirts, etc.
See full details here

The Cloth Hall (Old Town)

The Cloth Hall is full of tourist gifts to take home. Their prices are slightly more expensive, but there is quite a lot of offer here. You can get magnets, wooden chess sets, childrens toys, tshirts, hats etc. There is a lot of on sale there.
See full details here

Buying Alcohol

Alcohol can be bought at almost any super market or small convenience  store. There are also tons of ‘Alkohole’ shops that are open 24/7. They sell beer, vodka, wine etc, as well as a few soft drinks and sometimes tobacco/cigarettes. They are on almost every street near the city center. They might look closed, but if they have 24/7 on their signs then the door will be open. Sometimes you have to order through a little window at night.

Food, Toiletries or Grocery Shopping

There are small convenience stores everywhere in town. The main small convenience stores/super market companies are:

  • Zabka (Has a picture of a frog in their logo),
  • Carrefour/Carrefour Express
  • Kefirek

24 Hour Shops include:

  • Kefirek on the end of Karmelicka street (#47 Karmelicka). It is open 24/7, but the bottom floor for cosmetics etc is not open 24/7. See details here.