St. Florian’s Gate in Krakow

St. Florian’s Gate is at the end of Floriańska Street in the Old Town area of Krakow. It is quite small, but worth checking out. You can walk under it (sometimes there are performers playing music there), and check out the nearby Barbican.

St. Florian’s Gate was first mentioned in 1307 was built to help against attracts from Turkey. About 60 years before the Tartars attacked and destroyed much of the city. When it was constructed, St. Florian’s Gate was the main entrance into the city.


St Florian’s Gate can be found on the end of Floriańska Street, in the old town part of Krakow. To the left of it (if the main square is behind you) there are almost always paintings for sale, hung up on a wall.



Source: Wikipedia