Coming to Krakow and trying to plan a stag party itinerary? There are a lot of things you can do on a bachelor party, this page should give you some good stag party ideas. There are also lots of companies that you can pay to provide you with a full package, but we are going to assume you want to plan it all by yourself.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the list of recommended stag party activities in Krakow. First, here is a general guide to having a stag party in Krakow.

Stag Parties vs Hen Parties

Krakow is a great city for both stag parties and hen parties – but it is definitely more popular for the guys having their stag parties than girls having hen parties over here.

Krakow Strip Clubs

There are plenty of strip clubs in Krakow with many of them in the city center (a lot are by the Old Town area). From around 11pm onwards there are always pretty girls standing around with umbrellas that will try and get any tourist to their strip clubs. You can find most of them on Floriańska Street. You can’t miss them, and if you are on a stag do with loud foreign men they will hunt you out and try and bring you to their strip club.

There are also the girls who will try and get you to follow them to a strip club without actually explaining to you that this is their job. Be very cautious of any girl you meet on the street that wants to go to a bar or club with you – even if they are stunningly hot or dog ugly.

Night clubs

There are tons of night clubs in Krakow. You might get some trouble getting a large group of very drunk members of a stag party in, but there are enough clubs nearby (especially if you are in the old town area) that you will be able to have some fun. See our night clubs in Krakow page for details.


There are so many bars in Krakow that it is hard to pick a few. But, if you are going to spend all day drinking on a stag do then we recommend sticking to a few pubs and bars that cater more for the foreign stag do parties. These include:

  • Bull Pub (2 Mikołajska, just behind the St. Mary’s Church)

Activities and Things to do in the day for stag parties

Go and shoot some guns

There are a couple of gun shooting ranges in Krakow that let you shoot all kinds of guns including AK47s. They are not particularly cheap activities but can be a lot of fun. They will normally pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the end of it.


After shooting targets with real guns get down the local paintball sites and shoot each other. This is cheaper than shooting real guns.

Go Karting

There is a go karting place in Krakow, so give your friends a race around the track.

White Water Rafting

You can also go white water rafting in Krakow. A good day out!

Nightlife – Innocent Stuff

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Nightlife – Strip Clubs

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