Top Krakow Restaurants

Krakow has so many restaurants that it is very hard to make some recommendations. In the main square area you can spot restaurants everywhere. Unlike bars in Krakow (which are hard to spot!), they are easy to spot and often have people stood outside to tell you about todays offers.

We will split this guide into three parts – Old Town, The Castle Area and Kazimierz (the two main areas of Krakow).

Technically the castle area is part of the Old Town, but it is about half way between Kazimierz and the top of the Old Town.

Best Restaurants in Old Town

Moo Moo (15 Świętego Krzyża)

Moo Moo KrakowMoo Moo Steak and Burger Club is where you will find the best burgers in Krakow! They are absolutely delicious, even if they are not Polish themed in any way at all! They have a lot of burger options on their menu and we can highly recommend almost every single one! See more details about Moo Moo here.

Best Restaurants Near The Castle


Best Restaurants in Kazimierz