Travelling Solo To Krakow – What And Where To Do Things!

Krakow is full of tourists – including many who are embarking on a solo travel trip around Europe. Luckily it is very easy to get around Krakow – everything is quite central. And it is a very safe city, so you should have no problems if traveling alone.

During the day

There are loads of things to do during the day that do not require having any friends with you!

  • Explore the city – the city is great with lots of cool backstreets that you can just explore. Check out the main square and St. Marys Church.
  • You can check out the Krakow Wawel castle – and it has some great views of the river.
  • Have some Polish food – people are often seen in restaurants in Krakow having a quick snack by themselves.
  • Oskar Schindler’s Factory is a great museum about the Nazi occupation. Tip: Explore Krakow for a couple of days, so you will recognize the photos with the Nazi flags in them.
  • Check out the Rynek Underground  museum in the main square.

Do some day trips

And at night time

There are many, many, many pubs and bars in Krakow. But half the trouble is finding them (most are quite hidden or lack a big sign outside).

One of the best ways to enjoy the night is to do a pub crawl – and there are many Pub Crawl options in Krakow.