Zakopane – Everything You Need To Know, Including How To Get To Zakopane from Krakow

Zakopane is a mountain town in Southern Poland. It is a small town but has some beautiful scenery. If you are in Krakow for more than a few days you should definitely think about making a day trip down to Zakopane.

Zakopane mountains

Zakopane mountains

How long to stay in Zakopane?

One day is enough. You can easily get a coach from Krakow in the morning, arrive a couple of hours later, and get a coach back to Krakow in the evening. Lots of people do stay a night or two though, and still have fun. If you like trekking it might be worth staying a night or two. There are plenty of hotels and accommodation in Zakopane to stay at.

What is there to do in Zakopane?

It is a nice and picturesque mountain city that you can have a lot of fun wandering in. There are many tourists that visit Zakopane, so there is lots to do and accommodate you.

  • See the mountains
  • Go skiing (there are a couple of slopes),
  • See the many traditional mountain houses (made of wood – they look really cool and nice)

What is it famous for?

Cheese! Seriously!


Zakopane is famous for a type of Cheese called Oscypek. It is fancy cheese (that looks at first like bread) with patterns and designs on it.

Its snow slopes are also well known for being the main place for Polands winter sports.